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Municipal Services 

  • Municipal Information Systems

  • Geo Information Systems (GIS)

  • Municipal Data Consulting Municipal Systems Consulting

  • Printing Services

  • Data Conversion & Extraction


Mapping Services 

  • Land Planning Maps

  • Parcel Maps

  • Sewers Maps

  • Public Works

  • Street Maps

  • Voting Districts 

  • Water Systems

  • Zoning Maps

  • Custom Maps


Municipal Information

  • Property Management & Maintenance

  • Permits & Code Enforcement

  • Land Development

  • Zoning hearing Board Appeals

  • Business Licensing & Inspections

  • Front Window Receipting

  • Rental Units & Inspections

  • Document Management

  • Archival, Retrieval & Linking

  • Service Requests 

  • Public Works 

  • NPDES Storm Water Mapping & Reporting

  • Sanitary Sewers

  • Mobile GIS

We make your data work smarter 

We are dedicated to providing local government with software that improves work efficiencies, assists in state compliance, is easy to use, services its residents, and saves on operating costs. We bring over thirty years of municipal software and GIS development experience to our clients. Our CMIS software program, has essentially been designed by our municipal clients through careful listening and incorporation of their work procedures and requirements into the system. The result is an intuitive web application which makes municipal life easier, saving time and money. 



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