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With over 30 years of working with municipal clients,  and are now proud experts in the field of local government daily operations.

We make everyday municipal operations efficient, coordinated and transparent. 


We've been providing GIS and CAD mapping, GPS data collection, and database systems design work to municipal clients for over 30 years.

Having worked closely with all departments of many municipalities, it's given us an in-depth understanding of the requirements of a municipal management system. Our experience creating parcel maps, scanning and digitizing land development plans and providing other mapping services gives us unmatched insight into the process of moving to ‘paperless’ operations.

With the close cooperation of several townships, the Carrigan Municipal Information System (CMIS), a web-application, was created to make every day municipal operations efficient, coordinated, and transparent.  The straightforward interfaces and logical work-flows save users time.  The system is a central and secure location for all property and municipal information and it ensures that all users have access to the latest data and documents.  In addition, the data-rich interfaces display clearly the actions of individual users and enable managers to track the progress of municipal activities.

Carrigan Technologies take pride in responding to the unique needs of each client with custom software adjustments. The adaptable nature of CMIS allows the client to choose which modules beyond the base package they would like to use.  In some cases, we have also built custom modules for clients that require us to develop a completely new set of features. 

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Carrigan Technologies fuses geospatial and web technologies to help its clients achieve effectiveness, efficiency. compliance and cost savings. 

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