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Case Study

Norristown | 2900 Permits Needed Attention


The Problem

The main issue was that customers were applying for permits, transfers and rentals and not following through with the application, not picking up once paid, doing the work without the actual documents, property transfers and rentals not being followed through and that were still outstanding.  There where upwards of 2900 permits that needed attention and hundreds of rental and property transfers that needed to be addressed and brought into compliance.

The Solution

Working with the department Director a solution was formed to issue batch letters, notices, and violation letters for the outstanding items. A “Codes Reporting” interface was developed with comprehensive reporting features to address the issues. The letters and notice templates were provided and added to the system. Once the report list is created there are options to create the batch letters and create a violation record in the system. This was created permits, property transfers and rentals. 

The Outcome

After the implementation of Carrigan Municipal System (CMIS) Norristown is now able to send out notifications whenever they deem necessary, and it only takes minutes to generate the notices. The 2900 plus permits with outstanding issues was narrowed down to just around 300 with open issues. Norristown was able to collect on outstanding fees, close out permits, property transfers and rentals.  This helped to bring them into compliance with Pennsylvania State Regulations

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